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10 Countries Where You Are Allowed To Drive In With Indian License


10 Countries Where You Are Allowed To Drive In With Indian License

Travelling is the best experience, and travelling abroad can be something better than best. Actually, I should say travelling abroad is always awesome wherever you go. When you go abroad, the biggest question is “how you travel there”. Car rentals are the only option left with you to travel the whole country. But if you got your Indian license, you can actually drive in these countries.

1. You are allowed to drive anywhere in Britain up to one year with a valid Indian license.


2. You can drive in with Indian license in Australia as long as you are staying there. Only two things you need to keep in mind is – Your passport should be in English and you should also carry IDP.



3. You can drive in the country of United states of America for one year only if your license is in English. You need IDP, if the license is in any one local language.



4. With an Indian license, you can drive in Germany up to six months. You need to translate your license from embassy to drive in the country safely.



5. Anyone is allowed to drive in the beautiful country of Switzerland for a year, with a valid Indian license.



6. Mauritius allow you to drive in the country for a year with a valid Indian license.



7. The small country of New Zealand allows a person to drive in with valid Indian license. However, you can be restricted to the kind of vehicle that your license is valid up to.



8. In France,you are allowed to drive in with Indian license, but you will need to convert the license into French language.



9. Norway is the country that is known for its breath taking beauty and lights. And now you can even drive across this land of the midnight sun. All you need is a valid driver’s license but it’s valid only for a period of three months.


10. South Africa allows you to drive in with Indian license, only the thing required is it should be in English.



Do you know any such other Country where we can Drive with an Indian License? YES? Then comment the names of those countries in the comments section below.

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