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10 Difference Between Dating A MAN Vs A BOY

10 Difference Between Dating A MAN Vs A BOY RVCJ Media


10 Difference Between Dating A MAN Vs A BOY

Not every boy is the MAN which a girl wants to have in her life. A boy needs to be confident, responsible, caring, trustworthy like a man is. Not every boy becomes a man, a wise man. A boy holds different perspectives towards life than a man does, a man acts maturely and treats everyone good no matter who he/she is. He also has got guts, courage but he isn’t confident and can’t handle the relationship with such ease that a man can.

So, here are some of the differences between a man and a boy you date.

1. Confidence

A man is confident as we all know, that’s what makes him a man, on the other hand a boy has a sense of insecurity, He’ll feel insecure when he will find you in a group of boys unlike a Man, who’ll be confident about you.

2. His Goals

Does he have goals? Does he follow up a schedule to reach them?

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A man has his goals set, specific goals to be reached by him whereas a boy isn’t careful about future and doesn’t anyway gets involved in this kind of practice.

3. Responsibilities

If he is responsible enough to fulfill his commitment, then yes! he’s a man whereas a boy doesn’t take these things seriously.

4. Communication

A boy will tell you about his day, what he did and he is in a good mood or not but a man will ask you about your day and will ask you to take care and also, A man will tell you everything he has in his mind, his future planning with you and he will be able to express the amount of love he has for you, on the other side, a boy will hesitate expressing the true feelings as he doesn’t act maturely.

5. Trust

You can’t even think of trusting a boy as most probably, he may have some Second Thoughts but, a Man is always trustworthy.

6. Being Serious About Future

Boys, most probably chase women, and men chase their goals and their family. They need to assure shelter and food for their family and they act and work seriously according to that.

7. Phone Calls Vs Texts

Boys usually text, but men call. This may probably be a reason that boys are keen to have two or more girls at a time as they can text more than one people at a time but in the case of calls, it isn’t possible.

8. Considerations About Others

A man considers other people too and are selfless but a boy is usually selfish. He may ignore or even cheat other people because of his own benefit but a man will NEVER.

9. Respect

A man knows how to show love and affection towards you and he knows respect and his moral values too. He will always treat you with respect, no matter how hard the day was he’ll always call you and ask about your day and also will say you to take care.

10. Stability

A man is stable but a boy chases women and also is keen finding new, beautiful women. A man will not chase women like a boy will probably do as he have you in his life already.

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