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10 Differences Between An Army Kid & A Regular Kid


10 Differences Between An Army Kid & A Regular Kid

Indian army is one of the prides of India. It doesn’t stop, it never dissapoints and it will always continue to protect the country. The army kids are a whole lot different from the regular kids and how?

Here is a post that brings out the ten differences between an army and a regular kid.

1. Childhood memories


 2. Fitness, for army kids is a way of life. For the other kids, not so much.


 3. The number of friends army kids have all over the country is too damn high. They might be best friends with your local grocer’s son and strike the conversation, with you having zero clue about it.


4. Army kids have school buses that are so *we have run out of words here*


Regular kids haev dads/moms/van drivers for pick up and drop.

 5. Travelling is like second nature to army kids, they can set thier bags in an hour alright. For regular kids, its a week of planning the packing and still missing on the essentials.


 6. Army kids are super accommodating, they can easily become a part of culture. Regular kids, fussy.


 7. Most army kids share their first drink with their dad with full approval. Its pretty much a party.


Regular kids with typical dads, don’t even get us started on what happens when they are caught drinking.

 8. Army kids have wonderful stories to tell, and so many of them that they seldom repeat a story. For regular kids, its the same drill with different characters. You can’t beat an army kid in interesting story recitation.


 9. Army kids know the cuisines all over the country – they don’t ever suffer with food allergies that easily. Regular kids are more prone to being fussy eaters that always want their local khaana.


 10. Army kids are disciplined and mentally strong, they have the strong heart to tackle things. Regular kids need constant motivation and help.


All in all, army kids are a notch more brilliant than the rest, and that is well deserved all right!

Tag your army brat and brag about it all 🙂

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