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10 Doomsday Theories That Will Haunt Your Dreams

10 Doomsday Theories That Will Haunt Your Dreams RVCJ Media


10 Doomsday Theories That Will Haunt Your Dreams

We all have witnessed the fearsome earthquakes and frequent appearing storms, drought in rainy seasons and landslides are taking the toll of many lives. Apart from the natural calamities, people become so aggressive and hurting one another profusely that we wonder when and how will the world end? World renowned philosophers and scientists have vouched for many theories that can be the reason for witnessing the doomsday. Let’s check out the theories on how the universe will end.

1. What the Bible Says

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The Bible says when the ‘desire’ of men will disapprove God’s merit and disregard his power, then the people who created that world “will undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction.” (2 Thessalonians 1:7-9). On the contrary, people who remain “no part of the world”, in compliance with Jesus Christ, have the prospect of everlasting life (John 15:19).

2. Qiyamat – Doomsday

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The doctrine of Tawhid and resurrection are the most basic concept of Islam which was stressed by all the prophet. The holy Quran has said that the doomsday will emerge with a sudden big-bang which is called “Soor”. The whole universe will start shaking to tremor everything and everyone around the world.

3. Doomsday According to Hindu Mythology

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Hindu mythology says Kalki or the tenth ‘Avatar’ of Vishnu is the last of its form. Lord Shiva then will destroy the universe in the form of an earthquake, flood and huge waves in the oceans and by disintegrating the mountain.

4. Armageddon

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According to the famous book – ‘The Call to Glory’ (written by Jeane Dixon), the Armageddon will arise in 2020. It says that the False Prophet, Satan and the Antichrist (known as the unholy trinity) would rise up and fight an epic battle with Jesus Christ who would return sometimes between 2037.

5. The Robopocalypse Effect

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Apart from the pseudo- religious theories, let’s look into the robotic part of the doomsday! According to some 2000 articles by Bill Joy, technology will overtake human evolution and bring about the extermination of our society. He believed that the robots will be sufficient enough to operate without us in the universe.

6. Climate Change

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Due to pollution and excess use of natural resources, the climate is changing drastically causing harm in food production. A new study of Natural Climate Change has concluded that the Earth will need fifty percent more food by 2050 to feed the population. But the global warming could reduce the food production by 10%. Corp yield is highly affected by global warming and Ozone layers which lead to a slowly extinction of the human race.

7. Heat Death Through Black Hole

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There is a theory that black hole would consume most of the matter in the universe which leads to bestow complete darkness around us. The darkness will only prevail whenever any object would be pulled enough close to dark hole to emanate energy.

8. The Giant Rip

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The scientists afraid that one day the universe will accelerate so vigorously that it will rip itself apart. They have estimated that the big rip takes place after 16 billion years from now and till then the planet will still be existent.

9. Time Will Stop

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Scientists pen down a theory that the time will stop someday. The same moment will continue timelessly. Then everything will be a frozen like snapshot of one instant.

10. The Sign of Two – 2029 AD

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In 2005, a man named Mike Flipp discovered sign related to number two. He stated after deciphering the sign that the 2nd Christ will come in 2029 and after that the universe will come to its end. He also has a website where he gives away his books for free.

Believe it or not! We are not going to die for another hundred years. So folks, if it happens, there are many other planets we can shift with our friends and family.

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