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10 Dumb Logics You Can See Only In Hindi Serials


10 Dumb Logics You Can See Only In Hindi Serials

Indian serials we tell you, definitely provides you with the most entertaining shows ever. Drama, suspense, thriller and above all they turn everything into a comedy. And, if we talk about logics, oops in Indian serial the word logic is for sure BAN.

No, we are not bashing the Indian TV industry, but seriously the more our Bollywood industry is progressing, the standard of Indian television show is downgrading, and stooping to some really low level. Today, standing at the realm of Real World, we all feel the serial back in 90’s still made better sense. Gone are the days of Saas-Bahu saga, the story writers have lost their creativity and here they are giving a shot to all that’s gibberish.

Jotting down a few, we came across these 10 things that gave us a real bad laugh, that my jaws are still aching.

So, here you go with literally idiotic logics in the Idiot Box.

1. Birth. Death. Re-birth. Death.Birth….. & Continues

Yeah, a person in the serial dies, and then again come back from the ashes. And, when you think that this time they have finally “Swarg Sidhar-o” they become phoenix and rise from their own ashes.

Image Source

2. Changes face more than a Chameleon

To be honest, there is a thing called plastic surgery was actually taught by the Indian TV serial. Was completely unaware of this version of science, but thanks to an endless number of plastic surgery sequence, they gave me a good insight about it.

3. Heroine turning into a Makhi (Housefly)

If you follow this serial, Sakshat Pranam boss! The less we say here, the more it is. FTW.


Image Source

4. Rishton ke bhi roop badalte hai.. (Don’t hymn in tune)


Image Source

Roop badalte hai, from plastic surgery to Ichadhari Naagin. Why we are still called a land of exotics and snake charmers. Point proved. Who the hell believes in things like this in 2016? And the worst part is, the TRP of such serials.

5. What does the man of the house do?


Image Source

Oh god! Ekta Kapoor – You really have to answer this. I really wish to join such business bandwagon where you roam around in Armani suits, romance your lady, take part in house politics and yet be rich AF.

6. Marriage and Endless Affairs

Dear all producers and directors, please stop this. The hero is about to marry the heroine, but then Dulhan’s are exchanged during Phera’s and he gets marrried to her younger sister. Then divorces her, and then again marry the sister.

Why marriages fail and infidelity happen? Thanks to the easy process of divorce in Hindi dumb-ass serials.

7. The Hero – Riches to Rags to Riches again

There has to be a plot in most of the serial where the villain has “hadap-o-fy” (illegaly transferred) all the property and throws the hero away. But, months later, they again re-back their wealth.

Come to the Real World man! Even after months getting a job is not easy, let alone starting a business empire. BULL-wala-SHIT.

8. The Bigger the Bindi, the more horryfing the vamp is


Kyun? Kyun? Kyun? (Mind you, only 3 times) – Take any serial, from past to present. The vamps are always studded with loads of pancakes in their face and jewellery. And, a special mention goes to their Bindi.

P.S – Except for Shagun from YHM (She is indeed a sexy vamp)

9. How can we forget about the Dadisa and Dadusa?

It’s very very Un-Sanskaari not to mention them. After all, they are surviving on earth for the last 200 years and blessing their great-great-great-grandchildren and making life hell for their bahus.


Image Source

10. God changes, Temple doesnt.


Now this is really a thorough experience of watching these serials. How the god inside these changes from Shiv to Ganesh, from Durga to Kali. But everything good or bad has to happen all here with drums rolling and bells ringing.

Also, Jai Durge, Jai Durge playing in the background.

If you allow I can really go on and rant about these serials. Btu let me give you the oppurtunity to do. Share with us, what really pisses you off while seeing these serials.

Pour in your rant in the comment box below.

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