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10 Exclusive Benefits Of Dating On Facebook


10 Exclusive Benefits Of Dating On Facebook

Facebook has become a large platform to connect millions of people with just one click. You could share your pictures and you could know what your friends think about it. Generally, people connect with different people all around the world and stay friends. But do you ever give a thought that how it would be like to date someone on Facebook?
Here are some advantages to date someone on Facebook.

1) Unlike many people, you will save a lot of money on gifts and phone bills.


2) You could match up a convenient time and chat with each other.


3) If you are not in a serious relationship, you could afford to date other people simultaneously.


4) It is easy to find a date for yourself that share common interests and hobbies.


5) You are not easily emotionally attached to the person.


6) A person can express well in online messages. You don’t have to worry about your body language and how you carry yourself. Those traits are hidden from the one you are dating.


7) Writing a Facebook post for the one you love shows that you are putting effort into a relationship.


8) Most of the time you don’t get into that issue of incompatibility.


9) It tends you to conceal your personality if you are too shy to disclose it.


10) It can provide you a chance to get to know the person behind their face.


So do you know any other benefits while dating someone on facebook or any social networking sites? So, comment below.

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