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10 Excuses To Tell Your Boss When You Are Late To Work! You’ll Be Saved!


10 Excuses To Tell Your Boss When You Are Late To Work! You’ll Be Saved!

Getting late for work is nothing unusual for people working out there. It definitely happens to us all at some point. We always need to give some stupid lame excuses. So try these tips.

1.The typical one

“I overslept” because last night you were busy partying with your friends or girlfriend/boyfriend.

2.My Mom is not keeping well

“So, I had to manage the whole house and the household chores”. This is probably the best explanation because it will hit the emotional chord of the boss. No one likes to compromise on mom’s health.

3.My dog has gone missing

“I walked miles and miles and looked around for my poor Tommy but couldn’t find him”. Now, if the boss is a pet lover, he will understand your situation very well.

4.The overcrowded local trains

The train is too crowded for you to get in. You got crushed in the crowd or you probably missed your stop. There’s going to be no argument further, because the boss knows you have no control over such things.

5.The auto broke down

You helped the poor rickshawala to fix his auto. And later you were appreciated to help him out. Be very innocent and tell them how you left on time and how you couldn’t see the poor fellow helpless.

6.The unexpected

You got robbed. LOL! This is the most unexpected excuse and yes, it will surely work. If you were robbed, how can you give importance to your office works over your valuables.

7.Lost and couldn’t be found

Lost your car keys and couldn’t find them for hours. Tell your boss that you have a habit of travelling only and only in cars; so you couldn’t help it.

8.Honking and Honking!

The most common excuse as you always have to travel during the rush hours and you get stuck due traffic.

9.Work, work, work!

You were working on that big office project report from home and lost track of the time. So your boss definitely won’t get mad at you.

10.You had to wait for the air conditioner repairman to arrive.

This reason always works!

These are a few interesting and silly excuses which employees come up with when they are late, a few of these explanations may be true, but most of them are outrageous. So it is better to make yourself punctual or think for an extraordinary excuse.

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