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10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands In The World That Can Make You Look More Richer


10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands In The World That Can Make You Look More Richer

I’m a hard core brand lover, are you a brand lover too? It is only brand and brands everywhere.  So if dressings are your love and have the itch to purchase high end cloths, why not invest in the trusted clothing brands? You will be amazed to know how much people invest in luxury brands by knowing their business profit lines. So let’s dig in more to know about the expensive brands in the world

1. Gucci

If someone has to speak about the Italian fashion house, it is always about famous brand Gucci. Gucci has also supported many campaigns supporting women empowerment and they earn flat revenue of more than €4.7 Billion a year.



2. Chanel

House of Chanel popularly known as ‘Chanel’ has gained a worldwide popularity has come a long way not because of its expensiveness but its good and humble collection. They generate revenue of €6.3 billion every year.



3. Prada

Prada has about 250 clothing boutique throughout the country which makes it to be the third expensive clothing brand. Leather made goods are its specially which helps to accumulate around €3.59 billion a year.



4. Dolce and Gabbana

They gained the popularity by introducing animal and floral prints with spectrum color in fashion industry. Now there are more than 20 luxury high end fashion boutiques throughout the world with gross earnings of €300 million a year.



5. Armani

‘ARMANI’ a rich name in itself which adds prestige and royalty to the person who adores this brand. There are more than 270 stores worldwide in 31 countries with its huge collection of luxury goods. The fashion industry remembers Armani as the expensive yet accessible brand across the world. It earns around €1.8 billion yearly.



6. Dior

This French company was initiated by Christian Dior popularly known as Dior now. Although it deals in various luxury things, Haute couture from Dior is among the most expensive and luxurious goods considered. It generates a yearly profit of €1.279 Billion a year.



7. Fendi

The most famous and promising brand from Italy, Fendi is the seven richest clothing brands. Apparels from Fendi are only available in high end showrooms and fashion boutiques. It earns €800 Million a year.



8. Versace

Versace is the next most popular brand from Italian fashion industry competing with other richest clothing brands. It earns €479 million on yearly basis.



9. Guess

Guess is a global brand from America and has always introduced the real trend for fashionistas.  Guess makes a huge empire of €500 Million earning a business of €1.19 Billion per annum in serving in 481 different locations.



10. Valentino

The fashion-off epic brand concentrates only on high end cloths. It specializes in women’s evening and party wear dresses which are preferred by women’s living luxurious lifestyle. Valentino stands to be the 10th most expensive brand in the world.



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