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10 Extremely Strange Things You Have Never Seen Or Imagined Before

10 Extremely Strange Things You Have Never Seen Or Imagined Before RVCJ Media


10 Extremely Strange Things You Have Never Seen Or Imagined Before

Our planet is crammed with some very strange things or I should say ‘strangest’ that are unknown to us on account of being not much recognized besides the fact that they take place around us. Below I have mentioned 10 such weird and wonderful things that you have never dreamed in your wildest imagination…

1. Sea of Stars – Glowing Blue Waves

The blue shine in waves is produced by phytoplankton, aquatic microbes and gives the appearance as if stars have come on the Earth in nighttime.


2. Derweze’s Door to Hell

It’s a natural gas field located at Turkmenistan and famous on account of natural gas fire burning constantly since 1971.


3. Spotted Lake, a sacred place of healing

It’s a salty endorheic alkali body of water located in British Columbia, Canada. The lake is quite rich in minerals, such as calcium, sodium sulfate, magnesium sulfate etc.


4. Migration of Red Crabs

To lay eggs, red crabs of Christmas Island migrate to the ocean from the forest every year.


5. Lake Natron that turns animals into stones!

Tanzania’s Lake Natron is high in PH and as a result, non-native animals that come in the contact of its water get their skin and eyes burnt and die.


6. Unbelievably formed Moeraki Boulders

Moeraki Boulders are another wonderful thing created in very old sea floor dregs before millions of years. They are actually a cluster of extremely huge sphere-shaped stones on Koekohe Beach in New Zealand.


7. Lac Rose or Lake Retba (Pink Lake)

The unique pink color of the lake is due to Dunaliella salina algae. Moreover, it has attained fame because of the high salt content that raises up to 40% in several regions.


8. Multi-hued Rainbow Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus deglupta, also famous with the name of rainbow eucalyptus is more than 200 ft in height and six ft in width. One of its kind multi-colored bark is among its inimitable characteristics that makes it single out.


9. Sparkling Waitomo Glowworm Caves

This cave is situated at New Zealand and is widely recognized for Arachnocampa luminosa, splendid glowworms, which we can find exclusively here.


10. Amazing and never-seen-before Happy Valley Tree

It grows the same way like bricks are pattered and shaped beneath in Happy Valley Horse Racing Arena.


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