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10 Facts You Always Believed That Actually Aren’t True

10 Facts You Always Believed That Actually Aren’t True RVCJ Media


10 Facts You Always Believed That Actually Aren’t True

There are many things we believed but actually many of them are not true. You think the Earth revolve around the Sun? Well you’re wrong because it’s not the Sun, it’s something else. You think tomatoes are vegetable? Do you really think that bats are blind? Read our list of top 10 facts you always believed that actually aren’t true.

1. The Earth isn’t orbiting around the Sun

Yes, The Earth is orbiting around the Solar System’s center of mass which is known as the Barycenter. We believe that Earth orbit around Sun because this point often falls within mass of the Sun, but it can be shifted by the pull of larger planets. Which means some time, everything in the solar system is orbiting around empty space.

2. Chameleons

Chameleons actually don’t change their outer color to blend in to their surroundings. They change their color to communicate with each other.

3. Napoleon

Everyone think that one of the best army commander in the history of world was short in height. But he wasn’t actually, he was actually taller than the average Frenchman.

4. Chewing Gums

Many of us believe that Chewing gum take 7 years to digest. Chewing Gum actually can’t be digested at all.

5. Bats

Many people believe that bat are blind. But in reality many species do use echolocation, some of them have excellent night vision and they don’t rely on echolocation.

6. Human Fingers

maxresdefault (6)
When our fingers wrinkle we think it happened because of the absorbed water. But it’s not because of the water it’s because our brain tells them to. Why? No one is sure about that.

7. Goldfish

D802N5 Goldfish swimming in tiny bowl
In our schools, teachers and our books thought us that Goldfish have a memory of just 3 seconds. It’s actually much better than that.

8. Pyramids

Many believe that the the Great Wall of China can be seen from the space, but it’s not true we cannot see the Great Wall of China even from the International Space Station. Although the Pyramids can be seen from farther space.

9. Dogs

Dogs don’t actually sweat from their tongues, they pant which keep them cool. Most of their sweat glands are in their foots. Panting is not equal to sweating.

10. Tomatoes

Everyone believe that Tomatoes are vegetable, even the Supreme Court of US ruled out once that the Tomatoes come into the category of vegetables. But if we talk in botanical sense, then tomatoes aren’t vegetable they are fruits.

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