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10 Facts About Jeans Will Surely Make Your Jaw Drop !!

10 Facts About Jeans Will Surely Make Your Jaw Drop !! RVCJ Media


10 Facts About Jeans Will Surely Make Your Jaw Drop !!

It’s not a very difficult task for the manufacturers to make blue jeans, but Levi Strauss and Co. was the first to discover these very stylish blue jeans. Tailor, Jacob David and businessman Levi Strauss started a business to produce the first blue jeans. It is a true tale of creativity, innovation and drive.

It continued to make and explore for the next 140 years. From a durable, loose-fitting garment for the miners to the distressed and the skin-tight bottoms worn by super-models, it has evolved much in style and meaning.
Here are 11 fascinating facts about jeans will you all surpise …For Sure 😀

1. Orange thread that Levi’s used for stitching of their jeans is trademarked


2. Chuck Norris developed the first no-tear jeans


3. Marlboro cigarettes followed the esteemed denims.


4. Life Magazine said “The world is a blue-jean country now”


5. Tommy Hilfiger gifted purchased 3 pair of jeans to Marlyn Monroe and Britney Spears for which he paid $37,000


6. Lee Cooper invented the front zip jean for women


7. Wrangler, designed the pair of jean by working closely with cowboy


8. According to Sullivan, jeans were considered lower-class in the 1950s


9. Xingtan (China) is considered to be the Jeans capital of world


10. The first jeans that came into existence was indigo blue


Surprised 🙂
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