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10 Facts About Saina Nehwal, The Badminton Legend


10 Facts About Saina Nehwal, The Badminton Legend

Games have been a part of India since long. Badminton is one such game which is famous all over India and played by children in almost every house over India. Many players have brought laurels to the country by their performances in the individual games. Saina Nehwal is one such player who has risen to fame in the field of Badminton. Today she is a youth and woman icon of India. We bring to you certain facts about this young talent to you on her birthday.

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1. She was born on March 17, 1990

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She was born in Hisar on March 17, 1990. The talented sportswoman attended Campus School CCS HAU, Hisar and later shifted to Hyderabad with family.

2. Got the No. 1 Rank

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Saina Nehwal is the first Indian women to be ranked as number one in Badminton World Federation in Women’s Singles category.

3. Hails from a family of Badminton Champions

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Her parents are Harvir Singh and Usha Nehwal. Both of her parents were also champion of badminton in Haryana.

4. Watch out guys she knows Karate too

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Before starting career in badminton she had an interest in karate also. She has a brown belt in Karate.

5. Has been coached by some of the best players of their times

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Saina was initially coached by S. M. Arif, a Dronacharya Awarrd winner, and then by Pullela Gopichand till September, 2014. Saina is the reigning Indian national champion and is currently coached by the former Indian badminton champion and national coach Vimal Kumar.

6. She has a number of awards to her name

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Most Promising Player of the Year (2008) award by Badminton World Federation, Arjuna Award, Padma Awards, etc are to name a few.

7. She has a great fan following

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She has more than 5 Million followers on her official Facebook page, till date!

8. She was one of the brand ambassadors of the Commonwealth Games 2010

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She was one of the eight brand ambassadors at the Commonwealth Games 2010 that were held in New Delhi. She has won 1 gold medal and 3 bronze medals overall in the Commonwealth Games.

9. She is a SRK fan too

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Saina Nehwal is a big movie buff and a die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan.

10. She is fond of ice creams

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Every time she wins a big tournament, she indulges herself with ice cream.

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We Wish Saina Nehwal A Very Happy Birthday

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