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10 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid For A Stylish Look


10 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid For A Stylish Look

Correct dressing sense not only helps a person look stylish but also increases the confidence of the person. There is no denying the fact that everyone can’t buy expensive and designer clothes but still by following some simple tips, a person can look good and stylish.

Here are some tips which can enhance an individual’s style quotient:

1. Remove the product labels and tags:

Most of the times, the manufacturers stitch their labels at the bottom of the sleeves in order to give information about the product. However, such labels should be removed as they hamper the design of the cloth.

2. Tuck your shirt:

Leaving shirts un-tucked, especially those which are longer and baggier, is a complete NO as it gives a very unprofessional look. It is better to tuck the shirt as a person looks more well-dressed, slim and polished in it.

3. Oversized coats:

Oversized coats should be avoided as they not only spoil the look but can also be uncomfortable. A person should try to find a well-fitted coat which should fit on shoulders and also over sweaters.

4. Fitting of clothes:

A beautiful and expensive dress is of no use if it doesn’t fit properly. In simple words, one of the most important requirements of good clothing is proper fitting.

5. Don’t mix retro look too much:

People like to add retro touch to their dressing sometimes but it should be kept in mind that overdoing it may give an impression that you are going to a fancy party. Mix little bit of retro look with the modern fashion in order to make a style statement.

6. Proper use of accessories:

Accessories play an important role in making a person look stylish. Matching necklaces and earrings along with other accessories can enhance the look of a person to a great extent.

7. Don’t look awkward:

Don’t wear those clothes or footwear which may make you look awkward. A person should first think about his/her own comfort and should not ignore it just for looking stylish and fashionable.

8. Long sleeves:

Many times we have seen that the look of a person gets spoiled just because of the long sleeves despite the fact that the dress fits completely. It may be a case with readymade clothes but they can be altered in order to fit completely to the person since sleeves should end at the wrist bone.

9. Dress according to the season:

A person’s wardrobe should be maintained as per the dress requirements related to every season and every occasion. It is kind of obvious that formal outfits won’t look good in parties while nobody should go to office wearing party dresses.

10. Dark shirts:

Special attention should be given while wearing shirts of dark shade as they don’t go well with every complexion. On the other hand, shirts of light colour are easier to carry on and they also give more professional look. In fact, the experts are of the opinion that if someone is in doubt on choosing the right shirt, he should try the light-coloured one as it is appropriate in almost all conditions.

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