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10 Forever Alone Memes For This Valentine’s Day


10 Forever Alone Memes For This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is round the corner, singles’ mourning can be a bit irking, unless they are funny like the below memes. The day is not to embrace the lack of a significant other, but to celebrate in case you have one. Not to mention, in case one truly loves someone, a special day out of the 365 (366 this year), is not required to be highlighted.

1.The Randeep Hooda meme is surely becoming a cliche now.


vday 1

2. When Propose Day goes wrong…
vday 2

3. Wake me up when Feb.14 ends.
vday 3

4. To the ones getting seen-zoned.

vday 4

5. With reference to the recent breakthrough of a discovery.

vday 5

6. 100% legitimate feels with this one.

vday 6

7. Starter pack memes are slightly underrated.

vday 7

8. Not really, it all depends on her mood.

vday 8

9. Rightly said.
vday 9

10. Self-depreciating humor done right.
vday 10

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