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10 Funny Facts That The Hollywood Movies Teach Us..!!

10 Funny Facts That The Hollywood Movies Teach Us..!! RVCJ Media


10 Funny Facts That The Hollywood Movies Teach Us..!!

As I always been a huge fan of Hollywood movies, I have noticed so many funny things and common logic used in almost every movie.
Including the action and science fiction movies, all movies have few things that can really make you laugh when you notice that.
Here I am showing some things that I have found funny..!

1.Aliens Have A Special Interest In Attacking USA..!!


2.A Chinese Person In Hollywood Movies Doesn’t Have Any Other Better Thing To Do Rather Than Practicing Or Teaching ‘Kung-Fu’ …!

Kung Fu

3.Hollywood Movies Are All About Promoting Basketball Game..!!


4.If You Are In A Movie In France, The ‘Eiffel Tower’ Will Be Visible In The Background In Every Shot..!!


5.If There Is A Fight Between The Main Guy And The Load Of Villains, They Will Come At Him One By One In An Orderly fashion So That The Main Guy Can Deal With Them..!!


6.Cool Guys Never Look At The Explosions They have Caused..!!


7.Anyone Who Has Been Shopping For Food In A Movie, Will Have A Paper Bag Containing At least One Piece Of French Bread..!!

French Bread

8.In The Movies,Every Police Investigation Will Require At least One Visit To A ‘Strip Club’ ..!!

Strip Club

9.In The Movies, If Someone Is Being Chased Through A City, They Can Usually Find Cover And Will Hide In A Nearby Parade..!!


10.Superhero Can Lift A Vehicle Without Getting It Damaged..!!


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