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10 Funny Memes Showing Reality Of Bihar Board Exams


10 Funny Memes Showing Reality Of Bihar Board Exams

Today, we saw video & images of level of cheating in Bihar Board Exams. As soon as news went Viral on Social Media. state education minister PK Shastri said “the government cannot stop the dishonest practices unless parents and students cooperate for the same”. Students were seen cheating openly and family members were seen using unfair means of giving chits to students. Bihar legislative counsil, Shahid when question by reporters said “Over 14 lac students are giving the examination. You tell us what could Bihar Govt. do to stop cheating. Parents and relatives are not ready to cooperate with us. Should the government give orders to shoot them?”

Have a look at 10 funny memes showing reality of Bihar Board Exams created by Cartoonist Mayank Patel:-

1. bihar students – reaching great heights


2. it izz nation eczamination 😀


3. bhai ho toh aisa


4. Govt infrastructure for cheating


5. too much hard work


6. selfie fever


7. that’s why Bihar students get Govt. jobs


8. Ha Ha Ha :D.. He should get medal 😀


9. Bihari rocks 😛


10. Bete ke marks mein papa ka haath 😀


Do share it with your parents and let them know about the hard work that is required to get good marks 😛

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