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10 GIFs That Prove WWE Is Scripted And Fake!


10 GIFs That Prove WWE Is Scripted And Fake!

‘WWE’, World Wrestling Entertainment, it is the he biggest sports entertainment industry in the world. The reason you’re here is because you’re a fan of WWE or someone who is familiar with it. Most of us have grown up watching professional wrestling, many of us have even tried the wrestling moves on our siblings. Hitting your younger brother with a ‘stunner’ or making him lie down so you can hit the ‘people’s elbow’. Performing the wrestling moves on our friends and siblings in the backyard or on the bed, those are some of the sweet memories of the childhood.

However over the time numerous people have called WWE a fake. Even your friends might have told you that it’s not real, it’s fake. Many people accused WWE of cheating in the name of Wrestling. Of course wrestling fans would respond with ” YES! WWE is scripted, it’s not fake”. For those of you who don’t know this, let me break it down for you,

WWE matches are choreographed, there are expert creatives who plan the feuds between the superstars, they write a story-line.

The referees wear an earpiece so that writers and other staff backstage can communicate with them.


The results of the matches are predetermined. Superstars are informed about how a match will be finished, what spots to pick, what moves will be used.

So WWE is predetermined and scripted! With that being said, there’s also an undisputed truth about the wrestling. Many accidents can happen which are not part of the script. The emotions, the dedication, the commitment of the superstars are real. The WWE superstars create moments that can shock us, make us boo them or cheer them. These are the moments, reasons why we are WWE fans.

WWE stars put their bodies on the line for us. They do the high-flying risky moves, jump off a 20 feet ladder just to entertain us.

So let’s take a look at 10 Pictures/GIFS that Prove WWE Is Scripted And Fake!

1. John Cena is the face of the company. He’s popular, a veteran, and there’s no chance that he would fail to execute a move properly. But look at him, his Five Knuckle Shuffle completely misses Santino and CM Punk. We know John Cena sucks, but not to the extent that he couldn’t do a move properly.

2. RVD With A Vicious Kick! OMG it knocked out Kurt Angle. Wait a minute, there’s something wrong here!

3. You never oversell in a wrestling match. HBK, one of the greatest in-ring performer of all time did it on a purpose. Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s the Power Of Hulkamania!

4. There are only two possible explanations to this, either the force of Mark Henry’s headbutt is extraordinary or the ghost of Chris Benoit hit Batista with a german suplex.

5. You seriously don’t wanna be in that spot. Tangled in the ropes sucks especially when you’re told that you will be eliminated.

6. Superstars bleed by doing the blade job. This blade job is done by the wrestler himself or by the opponent wrestler. The blade is kept hidden from the camera. Look in the video, Mike Chioda hands a blade to Roman Reigns secretly.

7. Ric Flair is a showman, perhaps the greatest. But Ric sometimes you’re so over-the-top!

8. Randy Orton’s Punt Kick is a move that does exist. As you can see in the photo in which Batista’s head is nowhere near Randy Orton’s Boot. The trick is in making the move as fake as possible

9. The truth is that the tables used in wrestling matches are very fragile, they can be easily broken. So when a superstar goes through a table, it isn’t as worse as it looks.

10. Like I said in the beginning, the moves are already decided, what spots to pick, who’s going to win the match. How long the match will go, how many finishers are going to be executed.

Bonus: Brock Lesnar used blade in Wrestlemania 31. It was shown in slow motion that Brock Lesnar never came in contact with pole but starts bleeding after it

Do you remember any other incident which was not executed properly and looked fake? Feel free to share in our comments section below.

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