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10 Gifts Only Indian Kids Can Give To Their Mothers On Women’s Day


10 Gifts Only Indian Kids Can Give To Their Mothers On Women’s Day

Mothers are the sweetest creatures by God. They are ok with any and everything you give them, if at all. They take care of us selflessly without expecting anything in return. However it’s Women’s day, and how could anybody not gift their mummas something much needed. Here’s a list of 10 weird yet thoughtful gifts that only Indian kids can give to their mothers on women’s day:

1.Ponds Cold Cream


Googly-Woogly-Woosh. Remember? Mothers can never get over this one. It’s called pure obsession.

2.Black Hand Bag


A brand new  kala purse is a must though. Pados wali behenji always has a better one.



Veet “Ek khubsoorat ehsaas”. How thoughtful. Isn’t it?

4.Garnier Hair dye

download (1)

“Kyunki mere baalon se meri umr ka pata nhi chalna chahiye”

Moms always forget their date of birth and now we know why.

5.The Chappal


Don’t underestimate the power of a rubber ki chappal. Araam k sath dhulai free.

6.Room freshener

download (2)

Room freshener is very important, especially after the women’s day party when your mom over eats and… know the rest.

7.Photo frame

images (1)

How could you forget the “Photu frame”? The only place where your mom stands with you and your lunatic siblings with a smiley face. Such pain.

8.Coffee Mug

images (2)

Of course, when you can’t afford a pug, you give her a coffee mug. JK.


images (3)

“Jhumka Gira re…Bareilly ke bazaar me”

Isn’t that her favorite song? Then how about a pair of jhumkas?

10.Wall hanging

download (3)

She would absolutely adore this one. Not only is it a décor, it has sacred inscriptions.

“Deva Shree Ganesha”

You can buy these gifts by CLICKING HERE

Oh well, the contents above are meant for humor and are not to be taken seriously. Gifts are never about the material, they’re about the feelings with which they are being given.

Happy Women’s Day.

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