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10 Of The Girly Wishes Boys Should Know

10 Of The Girly Wishes Boys Should Know RVCJ Media


10 Of The Girly Wishes Boys Should Know

Yeah it is rightly said that It’s next to impossible to understand a girl 😀  No one in this universe is able to understand any single.

It is very difficult to read a girl’s mind. We are always confused that what she actually wants. There are many things which girls can’t tell or share with us. Girls wants us to figure it out on your own. These are some girly wishes We should know about them to win their hearts 😀

1. Always express your feelings


2. They are not so dumb


3. Never underestimate them


4. Never interrupt them in between


5. Call them back when they put off the phone angrily after a fight with you


6. Make them happy


7. Never forget to compliment them


8. They don’t need your money, only your love


9. Hold them with care when they are upset rather than annoying them by reminding of your previous warnings.


10. Never say to her- All girls are just the same


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