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10 Good Reasons To Date A Gujarati Girl

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10 Good Reasons To Date A Gujarati Girl

If you are all set to date a girl then, a Gujarati beauty from the land of jalebis and fafda should be your first consideration. Her twinkling eyes, her show-stopping smile, or her plump, her fair complexion (P.S.: I am talking about most of the Gujrati girls) make this particular Gujju girl stand out from all of the rest.

1. Fabulous Dancers

Gujrati girls can make your feets roll and move by just watching them dance. They are just fabulous dancers and will make you gaze in awe. If you wish to learn dancing and for that purpose join classes then why waste money? Dating a gujrati girl is any time a good option because you can learn garba and dandiya free of charge from her
A Halo..Halo


2. Not A Pocket Pincher

Unlike other girls, gujrati girls are not going to pinch your pockets. They are quite a low maintainance.
You can even take her to Pani Puri stall for a date and she won’t even mind. She will never let you spend much on her. And for the fact most of the gujrati girls complete their graduation in commerce. so Relax.. she understands.


3. Good Bargainers

Gujrati girls are blessed with the skill of bargaining, they bargain at their hearts. They are good negotiators and need not to say that they are good enterpreneurs as well. It’s in their blood. You can anytime take a wise financial advice from her.


4. Spectacular Dressing Sense

They have a good dressing sense. Their immensely gracious garments are so eye-catching. Every gujrati girl is a fashion designer of her own. She is a style icon. She designs her own dresses, sarees, chanya- cholis with plethora of colours and florescent floral patterns in it.


5. Fun To Be With

She is amicable, fun-loving, cheerful, always high on energy, good sense of humour and even if she is lacking it her english blended with gujrati accent viz. pronouncing Hall as ‘Hole’, Audience as ‘Odience’ will certainly make you laugh.


6. Lip Smacking Food Makers

You will never run out of scrumptous food if you are dating gujrati girl. You just name it and she will make it all for you after all she belongs from the land of Dhokla, jalebi, fafda, khakra, undhiyu (P.s: Saliva dripping). They themselves are great foodie so they’ll never let you sleep hungry.


7. Kite Flying

Uttarayan is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Gujarat. Most of the gujrati girls know to fly a kite. You can learn from your girl the art of kite flying. It is indeed a great experience.


8. Green Card Holder

Name a country where you will not find gujratis. They are spread all over the world and if you have any plans to settle abroad then patofying a gujrati girl is a good option. You will not even have to worry about getting H1 visa.


9. Perfect Marriage Material

Gujrati girls are home bound, their family means everything to them. She is suave, loving, expressive and emotional. Living with her is completely worth it. She understands the essence of joint family as most of the gujratis have joint family and she will never take you away from your parents.


10. Modern and Independent

They are not cynical minded unlike other girls they have open thoughts. Most of the gujrati girls are independent they prefer to earn their own living irrespective of the fact that how richie-rich their fathers are. This make them stand out from rest of the girls.


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