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10 Good Reasons Why You Should Marry A South Indian Girl


10 Good Reasons Why You Should Marry A South Indian Girl

Yes, we all know 2 States. There is a reason why Krish fell in love, so in love with Ananya. 😀 South Indian girls are a community of their own, and here are 10 perfect reasons to marry South Indian girls 🙂

 1.  They are super smart


It is almost impossible to find a stupid South Indian girl. Even the dumbest one is smarter than the average girl. So yea, no hassle and embarrassment over stupidity.

 2. They are talkative


In a pleasant way. Since they are informed and knowledgable, you don’t really have to chit chat with them about shoes and nail paints (mostly). Such a relief!

 3. They have amazing features


Sharp noses, big and beautiful eyes are super remarkable. Your South Indian beauty can drown you in her deep, kohl-d eyes. Plus, they have the right figures to carry of the whole nine yards of gorgeousness. And you’ll never get over the nose ring, I promise. *sigh*

 4. GOLD


There is absolutely no way you can beat the South Indian bride to gold.

 5.  They are traditional


Mostly, South Indian girls are into culture. Even if they wear mini skirts and noodle straps on regular days, come a festival and you’ll see them wrapped them in traditional saree and touching their parents’ feet 🙂 So if you are a man who wants a girl with traditions and cultures, go south.

 6. Sambhar


Enough said.

 7. They are talented


Your girl will be a pro at either singing or dancing or both. Most South Indian girls are also very good writers. They read a lot and hence, their vocabulary is fantastic too 🙂

 8. They are independent


Its very rare for a South Indian girl to be dependent on a man for every need of hers. Since they are well educated, they have good careers and thus, financial independence. You don’t have to splurge on every Kanjeevaram saree of hers 😀

 9. They are non fussy


The independence in them makes them have a good sense of self worth and esteem. Your . girl won’t require your constant approval or validation and not even your attention 24*7. She knows her value damn right!

 10. They are girlfriend material


That you can take home to mommy 🙂 They know how to stay with a family and seamlessly be a part of it. They can take care of themselves, you and your family while also being great daughters.

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