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10 Of The Greatest Sports Stadiums In The World


10 Of The Greatest Sports Stadiums In The World

For all you sports fanatics, here is a treat for you–the greatest stadiums in the world. Stadiums whose name is enough to give you chills. Did you know the Melbourne Cricket Ground was the first ground where a cricket match tied? What if I told you that the world’s largest stadium is in the isolated country of North Korea, and the next largest stadiums are all place in USA. Here is a list of the largest stadiums of the world (top 5) by the criteria of capacity:

1.Rungrado 1st of May Stadium:Home to: Korea DPR national football team
2.Michigan Stadium: Used for American football and home to Michigan Wolverines.
3.Beaver Stadium: Sport played: American football. Home team: Penn State Nittany Lions football.
4.Ohio Stadium: Sport played: American football. Home team: Ohio State Buckeyes football.
5.Kyle Field: Sport played: American football. Home to: Texas A&M Aggies football.

As the value of a place isn’t defined by its size, here are ten stadiums which personify glory and greatness.

1.Lord’s Cricket Ground:

Located in: London, England.
The south-west side of the ground stands almost two and a half metres lower than the north-west side, causing considerable deviation to the ball when bowling.

2.Melbourne Cricket Ground:

Located in: Victoria, Australia. It’s officially the world’s largest cricket ground.

3.Old Trafford

Located in: Manchester, England.

Sport played: Football.

4.City Field

Located in: New York, USA.

Sport played: Baseball.



5.Camp Nou

Located in Barcelona, Spain.

6.Allianz Arena

Located in Munich, Germany.

7.Centre Court

Located in London, England. Sport played: Tennis.

8.Yankee Stadium

Located in New York, USA. Sport played: Baseball.


Located in Liverpool, England. Sport played: Football.

10.National Aquatics Center

Located in: Beijing,China. Sport played: Swimming.

Other notable absentees from the list: Wembley, Soccer City, Eden Gardens and Wandrers. 

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