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10 Greatest Warriors History Has Ever Seen

10 Greatest Warriors History Has Ever Seen RVCJ Media


10 Greatest Warriors History Has Ever Seen

There have been many great individuals in different fields like in politics, sports, science, business but none of them come close to the greatest warriors when its about fighting and spilling blood for their nations. This is our list of 10 greatest warriors history has ever seen.

1. Alexander the Great

Although the most famous conquer died at young age of thirty-three, he managed to conquer most of the known world at that time. He always fought on the front-line and defeated many major kingdoms of Persia, Egypt and India and was first to spread Greek civilization all over world.

2. Genghis Khan

This one also doesn’t need any introduction, known as the Mongol destroyer. He was the founder of Mongol empire, once the Mongol empire was spread over parts of Europe, Middle East, Indian sub-continent, China and central Asia. Genghis Khan is responsible for millions of deaths.

3. Leonidas of Sparta

You know him from the famous Hollywood movie “300”. Leonidas is known for his bold and fearless character and is remembered for the war he and his 300 Spartans, 900 Helots, and 700 Thespians fought against 100’s of thousands of Persian soldiers.

4. Julius Caesar

10 Greatest Warriors History Has Ever Seen RVCJ Media
Julius Caesar is the most famous Greek king, who fought and won many battles and expanded the Greek territories.

5. Miyamoto Musashi

10 Greatest Warriors History Has Ever Seen RVCJ Media
He is considered as the greatest swordsman who ever lived by many historians. He was an was a skillful Japanese swordsman. He perfected his “Two Swords” fighting style, and then he ascended a mountain and wrote the definitive treatise on the Zen of Decapitation, “A Book of Five Rings”.

6. Richard the Lionheart

Richard famously known as the “Lionheart” was king of England. During is whole 10 years of reign, he just spent 6 months in England. He was an skilled warrior known for his courage and daring and showed no mercy to enemies.

7. Hannibal Barca

Born in 247 BC, in Carthage, Hannibal is considered one of the most skilled general and military leader and great strategist of ancient world. He re-captured territories from the Romans which were captured by them before Hannibal.

8. Ashoka the Great

Ashoka of Maurya dynasty is the greatest emperor in Indian history. His empire was spread over about whole Indian sub-continent except parts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala in south. During his reign the Mauryan empire was at its peak, he is known for his conquest of Kalinga in which about 2,00,000 people died, after this conquest Ashoka converted to Buddhism.

9. Xiahou Dun

His enemies knew him as “Blind Xiahou, The One-Eyed Warrior.” He was an military general in the Han dynasty. He become an legend when during a war, he was hit by a arrow and lost his left eye. But this didn’t stopped him, he pulled out the arrow and swallowed his own eyeball.

10. Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu was an military general and experienced in warfare matters during the late Chou dynasty. He is famous all over the world for writing the book  “The Art of War”. Which has deep impacts on both Asian and Western culture.

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