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10 Hilarious Ways To Create Confusion


10 Hilarious Ways To Create Confusion

Creating confusion on purpose takes some creativity and sense of humour. However we have to ensure that it does no harm.So lets look at some funny ways in which we can get a few laughs by creating confusion.

1. Call your colleauge on the weekend and ask him/ her as to why they have not come to office?


2. When a serious discussion is going on..

Talk in your normal voice and then suddenly start speaking and giggling like a baby Later explain to everyone that you have a split personality disorder and had forgotten to take your medication.


3. Walk into a high end fashion store, select the most expensive outfits and then..

Ask the salesperson if the same outfits could be custom made for your pet monkey.

4. Everytime someone asks you a question simply reply with..

“what do you think”?

5. Ask someone where they have got their hair done and then loudly exclaim..

“Now i know where i will never go”

6. Tap a stranger on the back as if you want to ask them something..

When they turn around, ask “Do you have a twin”?


7. While shopping for vegetables

Randomly pick up vegetables and smile and talk to them Saying things like “You are my favourite” or “I would like to eat you right now”


8. Start singing ad jingles while travelling by public transport and ask random strangers to join you


9. Follow someone around in a public place and if they start giving you strange looks simply say that..

“You look exactly like Adolf Hitler/ Shilpa Shetty. Can i have your autograph?”


10. Text all the people in your phone book that..

The world is coming to an end and the government is planning to send volunteers to colonise Mars
Disclaimer : The ideas provided above are only for entertainment purpose. Anyone actually trying out any of them will be doing so at their own risk.

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