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10 Hindi Songs To Listen To If You Are Having A Bad Day

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10 Hindi Songs To Listen To If You Are Having A Bad Day

On some days we are the birds, on others we are the worms. We all have good days and bad days, its all a part of life. Bad days make life seem horrible, agree? So here we list the top ten Hindi songs that are inspiring, and will make your bad day a tad bit better. Shall we get started? 🙂

 1. Roobaaroo


Image Source

From the movie Rang De Basanti. This song is beyond beautiful, beyond soothing and yet so inspirational.

 2. Aashayein


Image Source

This incredibly motivating song from the movie Iqbal has always been on all lists of inspirational music.

 3. Yunhi Chala Chal Rahi


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Swades delivered this fantastic song and it revolves around how life can be so choking full of troubles and hardships, but yet, one always has a choice to focus on the little things that make life beautiful 🙂

 4. Sindbad the Sailor


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What better than the motivating journey of Sindbad through rejections and difficulties, but yet the achieving of his pursuit? This beautiful song from Rock On continues to inspire!

 5. Chak De India


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Need a dose of SRK telling you to just do something? This is the song for you, my friend. “Kuch Kariye, Kuch Kariye, Nas Nas Meri Khole, Hai Kuch Kariye!”

 6. Allah Ke Bande

hqdefaultImage Source

Khailash Kher’s creation, this song is still on charts for a reason. With soothing lyrics that will help you handle the rollercoasters of life, this will motivate you 🙂

7. Yeh Hosla


Image Source

From the movie Dor. This song runs along the line that no matter how difficult life is, the point is to get yourself through it, because raat ko ik din dalna hi hai 🙂

 8. Mitwa


Image Source

Lagaan houses this lovely song that will force you to face your innermost fears and overcome them. The lyrics are powerful and get etched in mind.

 9. Aazadiyaan


Image Source

Aazaadiyan.. aazaadiyan..

Maange na kabhi, mile mile mile
Aazaadiyan.. aazaadiyan..
Jo cheenay wahi, jee le jee le jee le

Need we say more?

 10. Lakshya


Image Source

This by far, is the most motivating song after Chak De India. With lyrics that will fire you up and push you to reach new heights, we think this song should be on everyone’s play list.

What are the songs that motivate and inspire you? The musical words that help you get through the hard days and the worse? Shoot a comment and help a brother, we say!


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