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10 Historical Places Of Delhi That Are Now Ruined !

10 Historical Places Of Delhi That Are Now Ruined ! RVCJ Media


10 Historical Places Of Delhi That Are Now Ruined !

History should be preserved but somehow some of these places in the city, have been brought to a great ruin and are undiscovered ! Here are 10 Historical places that should definitely be visited… and cherished !

1) Tughlaq-era Mahal, Mahipalpur –

At one point, the monument served as a makeshift school run by the village Panchayat. Today, it is used as a go-down for construction material or for parking. Many stray animals have also made it their home.


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2) Mirza Ghalib’s Haveli –

This great Poet is considered as one of the maestros in Urdu Literature and Poetry, however, his home seems to a neglected and lost artefact in the city of Delhi.


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3) Heritage Structures of Chirag Delhi –

Covered by an array of jungles and multi-storey houses, this historical gem of the city has suffered the ravages of time !

The encroached fort of chirag delhi in ruins. This is one of the four gates of the fort. Photo by Pankaj Nangia
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4) Lal Mahal in Nizamudin –

Encroached upon by residents and covered with garbage and dirt, this piece of heritage even churned up political conflicts, though with no results !


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5) Maulana Azad’s Tomb –

Thanks to the unconcerned authorities, the vendors use the tomb gate as a free pavement to set up their shops and have created a market in front of a heritage sight.


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6) Nila Gumbad –

With no beautification for a ‘one of its kind’ monument of this city, this site is treated as a dump for railway sleepers.


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7) Rajon Ki Baoli –

Treated as a bath house, this structure sufferes the struggles of pollution that poisons its central attraction and beauty !


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8) Pir Ghaib –

The oldest surviving astronomical observatory of India, stands in ruins and has been turned into a playground for young children, utterly neglected and disregarded.


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9) Jahaz Mahal –

Standing alongside the banks of polluted water bodies and encroached by a multitude of street vendors from all sides, this piece of heritage has gone to waste !


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10) Mehrauli Archaeological Park –

Clustered with garbage and filthy water bodies, this heritage park is far from being considered an exemplary archaeological invention.


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