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10 Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

10 Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween RVCJ Media


10 Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

Halloween is upon us. The spookiest day of the year, Halloween is known for the various ‘scary’ costumes people wear in the horror themed parties.
Here are 10 movies which you should watch to get that chill up your spine, this Halloween.

1. The Ring:

This is a scary one. And one of the most renowned horror movies of all time. Beautifully made. And filled with a lot of scares.


2. The Exorcist:

This is another scary one. Horrifying, if I may add. The eerie locations, the pee in your pant horror scenes, this movie is adored by Horror lovers and hated by people who don’t like Horror. People like me. 😛

3. The Exorcism of Emily Rose:

Based on a true story, this one is bound to give you thrills and chills galore!


4. Shutter:

Not the English one, watch the Thai version of this one which is tremendously well made. Some scenes might just give you sleepless nights.


5. The Conjuring:

What a movie! I watched the entire movie peeping through my fingers while they covered my eyes. Wanna play hide and clap?


6. Insidious:

It gives a scientific outlook towards the world of the supernatural. And some scenes will terrorize you to the core!


7. Paranormal activity:

I bet almost all of you must have seen this. Some of the scenes are plain and simple scarring. The handheld camera work really makes you feel like it’s really happening.


8. The Shining:

Jack Nicholson at his best! A must watch for every horror fan. The movie is backed by some great direction and extraordinary camerawork.


9. Sinister:

Eerie is the apt word for this move. The movie is extremely depressing and will make you feel really sad. And the ending, woah! A movie every horror fan swears by.


10. Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag:

The scariest movie of all time. 😉


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Let us know if you find any other movie extremely haunting!

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