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10 Household Products That Can Kill People


10 Household Products That Can Kill People

People use many products in their house about which they don’t even properly know and these products can get them killed. Please properly read the instructions on how to use the product and take care of your family.

1. Drain Cleaner.

It contains lye and hydrochloric acid which is very powerful and very toxic and can harm your skin easily.

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2. Car Polish.

Inhalation of car polish can harm you very badly and your lungs may stop working.

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3. Pesticides.

They badly affects our nervous system if sprayed directly on our nose.

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4. Antibacterial Soap.

These antibacterial soap may kill the good bacteria which your body needs and may develop drug-resistant bacteria.

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5. Oven Cleaner.

The Oven cleaner contains lye which is also used to dissolve road kill.

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6. Air Freshener.

The air freshener you use can harm your nasal passages and can even destroy your ability to smell.

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7. Furniture Polish.

It contains nitrobenzene which can be absorbed by skin. It can cause skin or lung cancer.

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8. Ammonia And Bleach.

When the mixed together, the fumes coming out are deadly.

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9. Carpet Shampoo.

It contains perchlorethylene and ammonium hydroxide which can damage liver, kidneys, eyes etc.

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10. Dishwasher Detergents.

Dishwasher detergents packets look like candy to small children and they eat them and die because it contains high amount of chlorine.

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