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These 10 Images Perfectly Shows The Difference Between Mumbai Street Food V/s Delhi Street Food


These 10 Images Perfectly Shows The Difference Between Mumbai Street Food V/s Delhi Street Food

The Street food from India’s these Two CITIES are best at their own.. Once can never Miss any of the Famous Street Food Dishes from Either Mumbai or Delhi …
Take A Look at the Following 10 Pictures… which will tell you the Best of Mumbai Street Food Vs Delhi Street Food..

1. Gujarati Thali V/s Chole Bature


If The Famous Gujarati thali of Mumbai is something which no Mumbaikars can forget while seeking for some heavy and healthy lunch or dinner … then there is Chole Bature in Delhi which is favorite of every person from Delhi…

2. Misal Pav V/s Pav Bhaji


Misal Pav is Solution to every Afternoon Lunch for Every Mumbaikar who opts to Bring Lunch From Home to Office… While People In Delhi Loves to Eat pav bhaji specially in the evening while returning from their work or school or college..

3. Wada Pav V/s Samosa Pav


Wada Pav of Mumbai is something which no Mumbaikar can forget having it atleast once in a day… It is said that Wada Pav wala in Mumbai makes more Money than Engineers in the city… When Talking about Samosa Pav of Delhi… No Other Place in India can get… The Best Of Samosa Taste other than Delhi..

4. Bombill Fry V/s Chicken Tikka


Bombill is a variety of fish that is found in the Arabian sea especially on the coast of Mumbai and Kutch (in Gujarat) , Chicken Tikka is also a Famous Non – Veg Dish of Delhi and Punjab …

5. Bhel puri V/s Papdi Chaat


Bhel Puri Is Something which can never be forgotten once you visit the famous beaches of Mumbai Like Juhu Beach or Chowpatty beach.. , Papdi Chaat is .. North Indian Famous chaat … especially for the People in Delhi… They Simply Go Mad on seeing .. Papdi Chaat and always want to eat it ..

6. Bombay Falooda V/s Kulfi


Bombay Falooda is a famous Dessert Item from Mumbai… which is also .. must have thing once you visit Beaches of Mumbai.. While Kulfi… is a Indian Traditional Ice cream … being famous from north India Specially from Delhi…

7. Kanda Poha V/s Omllet


Kanda Poha is a famous Breakfast item in Almost all over Maharashtra Specially Mumbai.. You”ll find atleast 1 Kanda Poha Wala outside each Railway Station in Mumbai While Omllet is also a famous breakfast item in Delhi and is available at all spots of the city..

8. Frankie V/s Kathi Rolls


Mumbai’s Frankie is Something which has made itself as one of the most popular street foods in very short time… while Kathi Rolls of Delhi is something which is very similar to Frankie… favorite of every school and college going student of it is available almost everywhere and fits the budget of theirs…

9. Bheja Fry V/s Mutton Curry


Bheja Fry also Known a Brain’s Masala.. is famous Mumbai Side Dish… is a heavy dish usually eaten with Naan or Chapati ..While Mutton Curry Originated in Bengal… People in Delhi love it .. very much… and always orders it once they go out for street food dinner…

10. Pani Puri V/s Ragda Chat


Pani Puri is something which is famous all over india .. But Mumbaikars has special place for Pani Puri in their Heart as it serves them with best taste like no other place… While Ragda Chat Has same respect from the People of Delhi… as it one among the best chaat’s from Delhi available at very low price…

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