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10 Interesting Facts About PM Modi That Everyone Should Know


10 Interesting Facts About PM Modi That Everyone Should Know

Words are less when it comes to PM Modi. He has created history by changing the face of politics in India. He was elected as the Prime Minister of our country in 2014 and since then, he has been doing whatever he can to make India a better place to live in.

He’s a very influential leader and has been showing a crazy dedication towards our country. Many people don’t know, but PM Modi’s journey is nothing less than rags to riches.

From running a tea stall to becoming the PM of India, Modi’s dedication deserves a huge round of applause. In fact, he has set a great example for all world leaders.
However, there are many facts that people don’t know about him. Do you want to check out some? Here you go…

1. Narendra Modi had a dream of serving in Indian Army. His mindset was to study in Jamnagar’s Sainik school, but unfortunately, he couldn’t do so because the fees was very high and he couldn’t afford it.

2. No one knows about the dreadful experience that happened with Modi when he was playing. A crocodile bit him and he was seriously injured. He has 9 stitches on his foot.

3. Love bloomed when Modi was a child. Many people don’t know that Modi’s engagement with Jashodaben Modi happened in his childhood days itself.

4. The PM is just in love with photography. It’s his passion and if you don’t know, let us tell you that he had even held an exhibition wherein he showcased the pics. Must say, he’s multi-talented.

5. Modi couldn’t afford everything when he was young. Even for ironing, he used his own technique instead of giving out. Want to know what? Well, he would keep the clothes under mattress or pillow so that there’s no crease and that the clothes look neat and ironed.

6. We must salute Modi’s workaholic nature. When he was the CM of Gujarat, he didn’t taken even 1 day off. Do you think, doing this is possible for us?

7. Modi always signs in Hindi. Whether his signature is needed for work or whether it’s for personal reasons, Modi will never sign in English. Proud of him!


8. Modi is good with acting and writing too. He used to act in plays when he was young and he also writes literary works in Gujarati.

9. Modi had left home when he was just 17. All he wanted to do is become a “Sadhu”. After leaving home, he spent a lot of time with Sanyasis in Himalayas.

10. He has pursued a 3 months course in image management from United States. Is this why Modi is a super-politician?

How many facts out of these did you know?

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