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10 Kids Who Are Way Too Smart For School


10 Kids Who Are Way Too Smart For School

These kids prove that they are really smart from the answers they have given in their tests.

1. Take It To The Bank.

Emma Knows the answer to everything is at the bank.

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2. Strongest Force On Earth.

The teacher is wrong. Love really is the strongest force on earth.

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3. Science Of Classifying Things.

The kid know this answer better than many people.

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4. Wrecking Ball.

This happens when Miley Cyrus is your inspiration.

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5. Burned Fat.

That kid really knows where most of the fat is burnt.

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6. What Ended in 1985?

The kid has got a really cool mind.

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7. Plant Cell.

Don’t lock up the plant in the cell. Please!

Pic 7
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8. Hue Jackman.

What is your favorite hue.

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9. He’s Chuby.

The kid knows whether to swim with the boy or not.

Pic 9
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10. Why Can’t She See.

This one is a legit reason.

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