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10 Kinds Of People You Will Find On Instagram

10 Kinds Of People You Will Find On Instagram RVCJ Media


10 Kinds Of People You Will Find On Instagram

Lets face it,  Instagram can’t be #ignored. If you are self obsessed and need a place to vent them out selfies, Instagram. Your lunch se shoes tak, Instagram.

Here we list the top ten kinds of people you see only on Instagram.

 1. The foodie


This person eats in a LOT of places and thus, posts a LOT of food photos in weird angles.  This person is the reason you get hunger pangs at 1 AM.

 2. The Instagram Model


This person is a model and his/her agent is Instagram. They’ll post a million photos – mirror selfies, pouts, candid clicks that are so obviously posed. They believe the whole world is waiting to start functioning, right after their ‘Good morning, sunshine!’ sefie.

 3. The Selfie Queen


All you see is a bunch of selfies. Filters vary, shirts vary but the pout, as much as the angle of the selfie don’t change. You have seen so many selfies, you can pretty much keep track of hashtags even without reading them. #selfie #selfobsessed #webstagram #instadaily

 4. The Fitness Freak


This person is absolutely obsessed with fitness. Either they are on a weight loss mission, or they have successfully lost weight. They post inspirational quotes, or them at the gym, or them after a run. #sweat #justdoit.They also try and make sad veggies look appealing and make you guilty for eating a huge cupcake.

 5. The New Mother


Baby. Baby diapers. Baby fingers. Baby face. Baby face zoomed to nose. Baby videos. Baby videos that contain baby gurgling sounds. Baby sleeping. Baby smiling. LooksLikeAPotato Baby drooling. #CutenessOverload #Blessed. You will also find girls going various degrees of ‘aww’ here.

‘Aawwwwwwwww such a cute little boy!’

‘Awww what a beautiful baby girl!’


‘Awwwwwww…ovaries bursting in 3…2…1’

 6. The Philosopher


This person believes in a lot of things – karma, life, life is short. Live it up. Let go. Let it go. Its okay. They post random black and white images with weird fonts so you scrunch eyes to read them.

 7. The fashion blogger


Who is mostly, basically a fail model. This person is a slight variation of the Instagram Model because this person owns a blog and possesses basic sense of fashion. This person belts out appropriate advice as per season. #Spring #Florals #PlaidShirt #OOTD #DailyFeature

 8. The Wannabe I-have-moved-on


This person has been dumped recently. They are on Instagram to show their filthy ex that they have moved on. They post Marilyn Monroe quotes, bottles of alcohol and weed, and also quotes about ‘Life is too short to stress about people who don’t deserve to be an issue in your life’. We all know they are  stalking their ex and posting counter quotes.

 9. The Entrepreneurs

images (1)

They sell everything on Instagram. Phone covers, laptop sleeves, sarees, accessories, kidneys. They provide COD and NEFT. You should check them out, no refund and no return though.

 10. The Wannabe Photographer


Leaves zoomed in. Light bulb. Water paintings. Doodles. Water droplets. Road in black and white and a philosophical quote. Cats. Stray dogs. Old couple. Hippie kid. City traffic. Half a pitcher of beer. Average looking girl’s heavily made up face’s portfolio. Copyrights. WannabePhotographer’sName Photography.

Congratulations, you are now an acclaimed photographer. Welcome to the club, there are like 2 millions there.

But first, let me take a selfie.

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