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10 Lessons To Become A Common Man In India…!!


10 Lessons To Become A Common Man In India…!!

Living in India is a hard thing but it is even interesting to become a part of daily Indian life.
A common man has many experiences about the style of living and the etiquette to survive and adjust with every situation.
Here are few lessons that has to be learned if you are a common man in India….!!

1.You don’t need to buy your own newspaper because there is a technique of peeping in other’s newspaper for free..!!


2.Watching cricket match with your office friends or on street is must, work comes after, Cricket first


3.Neighbor’s updates are important and it’s your first obligation to track their movements..!!


4.Taking a window seat is must , all you have to do is throw your handkerchief through the window to claim for the seat..!!


5.Gossips about salman khan’s marriage is a common thing, because it is considered as a national reason to be get worried about..!!


6.Asking for extra puri , is known as a national Right..!!

paani puri

7.Eating less before going to any marriage, so that you can fully enjoy the free food..!!


8.A full tummy is considered as empty, and you need to eat until your mom serves the food..!!


9.Triple seat is valid if you don’t see any traffic police standing around you.!!


10.Everyone is considered as illiterate until and unless they babble in English..!!


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