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10 Lies We Have All Told Our Parents As Teenagers


10 Lies We Have All Told Our Parents As Teenagers

The relationship we share with our parents is probably the one that undergoes maximum stress, yet is the strongest. Through the teenage till we have kids and after, there are some lies that we tell 😉 Here are the top ten of them. Some of them are white lies, may be 😉

 1. “I will be home early, mom”


We all know what early means.

 2. “Its a sleepover at *insert your bestfriend’s name*, no *opposite gender*”


And your bestie says the same at their place and you guys take off to somewhere else 😀

 3. “Me? Drink? Smoke? OMG! What is wrong with you?” *sobs*


You are the walking dictionary of all things narcotic and alcoholic.

 4. “He/She is just a friend”


This is probably the most told lie.

 5. “Yes, I am well prepared for the exam. I did 4 revisions too” *smiles sweetly*


The person cramming away at 3 AM just enough to pass, totally not you.

 6. “But you allowed didi/bhai to go”


To that concert years ago. But now your parents don’t even remember it, so you might as well throw the line 😀

 7. “All my friends have the supremely-expensive-gadget-that-you-need-to-sell-a-kidney-to-buy”


How can I NOT have it?

 8. “I don’t know how that thing broke”


It fell down three stairs because you knocked it off while you were shamelessly giggling on the phone like a buffoon.

 9. “You called? I never got a call!”


*slyly deletes call history*

 10. “I did it”


The paying of the bill went with the fine, nobody has to know 😉

So what are the other lies you tell your parents? Let us know, and keep this article away from them 😀

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