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10 Majorly Annoying Things People Tell You After Your Break Up

10 Majorly Annoying Things People Tell You After Your Break Up RVCJ Media


10 Majorly Annoying Things People Tell You After Your Break Up

You’ve broken up – you either got dumped or dumped someone, obviously. You are tending to your broken heart and are dealing with extreme emotions in general. Though its really important to have someone to bawl to in the middle of the night, there are some super annoying things people say after your breakup. Sabki opinion hoti hai -_- Here we list the top ten annoying things people tell you after your breakup.

 1. “Whatever happens, happens for the best”


Oh yea? How is it for the best that now I am the member of the Proud Forever Alone Society?

 2. “You’ll save so much money”


I don’t want that much money if I am going to be alone anyway.

 3. “Its been a while you are moping. He/she has clearly moved on”


Dude, you are giving me more reasons to mope. This is not a friggin’ competition.

 4. “I never really liked him/her anyway”


Really? Damn! That’s such a game changer now! I mean…!!

 5. “You deserve better, champ”


Thank you. That’s very insightful. That’s why I am single right now?

 6. “There are lot of fish in the sea”


But I want that particular fish now, the one that exited my life very recently.

 7. “I told you not to get so attached”

18 (1)

Yes, too bad I don’t have a scale to measure and stop how attached I am. Can I borrow yours the next time? Puuhhlleaassee? 🙂

 8. “He/She wasn’t right for you”

13 (1)

How come  you never told that when we were together?

 9. “Single life is fun life”


Aha? So that’s why I see so many people lamenting on how alone they are and how they lack a social life?

 10. “Its okay, trust me you are going to be okay”


Trust me, I am not too thrilled to hear that. Just stop.

Had a broken heart recently? Or wait, tag someone who broke up recently just to get on their nerves 😀

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