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10 Mind Blowing Professions That Are Underrated In India

10 Mind Blowing Professions That Are Underrated In India RVCJ Media


10 Mind Blowing Professions That Are Underrated In India

” Honhaar bacho ka bchpaan se hi pta lag jata hai ” 😀
In india we consider Childhood is the best part of our struggling life because of freedom . As We grows up we come to know we have many responsibilities. The most unfortunate part of this story is the line of career we want to make identity doesn’t impress our parents. And they want us to be what they like, maybe en engineer or a doctor.
This is the basic reason behind the suicides in India .

Here are 10 underrated career choice options in India 😀

1. Independent Party Leader

We all are born leaders , we all know the present political situation of India. Assess you strenghts, understand the mishappenings involved, make a strategy and become party leader.
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2. Photographer

If you really wanna a photographer and go beyond the facebook pages 😛 …. Watch 3 idiots with your parents and make them realize that they are wrong 😛
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3. Psychologist

Present lifestyle invites so much depression that the world needs many more psychologists than those currently available. So, the career option quite promising 😀 Try yours luck here 😀
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4. Writer

Being a writer is not an easy task . It requires great creativity which you can’t gain by any course or program.
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5. Bartender

If you wanna meet new people , bartending can be a good career choice for you.
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6. Stand-Up Comedian

Seriously, comedy is not a laughing matter. To entertain people is not a easy task but still people take it so lightly . See Kapil sharma one of the best comedian started from nowhere but now he is everywhere .
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7. Tattoo Artist

Making tattoo is an art that just can’t be anybody’s job. If you have a creative mind and you want to utilize your creativity in making money, you must think about becoming a tattoo artist.
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8. Veterinary

If you are an animal lover, you can become a veterinary doctor. Remember animals are our friends so please help them 😀
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9. Hairstylist

Even this is not that much easy task . One mistake and you are gone.
If you have passion must think about it .
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10. Bodybuilder or Gym Trainer

It’s true that making a career in bodybuilding is a tough job but once you make up your mind for it, you are likely to go places.
Represnt India if you have that Keeda in you blood 😀
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Seriously , All the professions described above are just awesome If you likes them. But still family members preferences make us end up some uninteresting career.Make your mind and let your work speaks 😀 While deciding about your career the main thing to keep in mind is that it’s ‘YOUR CAREER.’
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