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10 Offbeat Ways To Feel Even More Patriotic On This Republic Day!


10 Offbeat Ways To Feel Even More Patriotic On This Republic Day!

What do you usually do on Republic day? Another holiday to sit back and relax at home? Or you go out meet people, fly kites and celebrate the pride of being an Indian?! Here are some ways you must try out which would bring more love in your heart for our country.

1. Get to know your land better. Listen to some folk music and dance. Find out the history and meaning behind it! Indulge in it’s richness! If you’re luck, you would witness some of these artists performing live!


2. Chose a freedom fighter of your choice. Lesser or well known. Read his/her biography or watch some serious documentary to feel what was it like to be fighting Britishers at that time!


3. Speak your mother tongue! Converse in your maatr-bhasha that day, be it Hindi, Marathi, Tullu, etc.. Speaking in the native language instantly gives us a sense of belonging! So, shun the formalities of speaking in English(if not necessary) and take flaunt your’s proudly!

4. Attend some Republic day function in your locality. If nobody’s arranging, you do it! Won’t take much to unfurl the National Flag and sing the National Anthem of our beloved country.


5. If you are a Dilli-waalah or waali, go to India gate, Raajghat or mybe Connaught Place and sit beside the huge flag waving with brilliance! Just sit and get soaked in patriotism.


6. Do you know someone from Indian Army/ Airforce or Navy? Who would understand love for country better than them? Go and meet and thank them! No matter how dramatic this sounds, but they deserve this! Talk to them and listen to their stories about Kargil and other wars. You’ll love it!


7. Wear something ethnic! Keep away with jeans-T-shirt for a day. We have incredibly beautiful clothes for both men and women! Why not celebrate our culture? Men can wear Kurta-pyjamas and women must try some ethnic saarees, suits or kurtis! Imagine what a site it would be everyone in tradtional Indian clothes?!


8. Pledge to become involved in governance. I am not asking you to join politics! But, do not blindly believe what media says.. Give up on ignorance and try to find more by analyzing every policy and decision! Also, pledge to become an Indian first, then a Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Christian later.

9. Buy some handicrafts from small craftsmen, appreciate what they do! These things are fast getting extinct in lieu of spreading mall-kind shopping.. Only we can save our heritage! Buy without bargaining, this will be a big contribution!



10. Must listen to some patriotic poems and songs; feel your heart race, feel the goosebumps! These songs are enough to awake the sense of pride and nationalism in being a Hindustani.


How are you going to add to the list? What do you feel about your country? Tell us in the comment section below!

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