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10 People Who Parked Like Jerks And Paid The Price


10 People Who Parked Like Jerks And Paid The Price

We know that you have a brand new shiny car but it doesn’t mean you can park it anywhere you want like a jerk. If you still want to do that, then maybe you will end up in a problem.

1. Dodge Gets Rammed.

This car does look good but maybe is in the wrong place. Got what he deserved.

Pic 1
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2. No Space, No Problem.

You don’t let any other car steal your space.

Pic 2
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3. Carted In.

When you park like a jerk, you deserve to get the complete jerk treatment.

Pic 3
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4. Please Do Not Reproduce.

Bad Parkers must not increase their family as there will be lot of a-holes around.

Pic 4
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5. Make Your Own Spot.

Bring a stick of chalk with you to create your own parking space. Maybe this can help people find jerks like you.

Pic 5
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6. Dumpstered Parking.

A brand new costly car does not have a handicap parking pass. Learn the difference.

Pic 6
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7. Don’t Block The Hydrant.

Pic 7
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8. Team Work.

Pic 8
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9. Trolley Circle.

This will be the last time he will park like a jerk.

Pic 9
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10. Helen Keller.

Atleast don’t insult Helen Keller. She was even smarter than these a-holes.

Pic 10
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