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These 10 Pictures Show The Real But Sad Truth About India & Indians

These 10 Pictures Show The Real But Sad Truth About India & Indians RVCJ Media


These 10 Pictures Show The Real But Sad Truth About India & Indians

India is Really Very Di-versed Country from Rich Varied culture to some of the Absolute Worst Conditions..These 10 Pictures will show Ironies that Still Exist in Our Country..

1. A Country With 1635 Languages……


A country with 1635 languages but still united by one single foreign language.. We Keep Saying Hindi Humari Matru Bhasha hai .. But always … prefer speaking in English even when it is not Necessary..

2.Everyone is in Hurry But ….


Everyone is in Hurry but no one Reaches on Time.. Such is the Condition .. We always pretend to be In Hurry and pretend to be busy even when we are not..

3. We Spend Hours Discussing …..


We spend hours discussing what’s wrong with our country , But don’t do anything to change it.. You’ve got some free time ? And have a friend or colleague aside ? You”ll start blaming.. our Govt … saying .. Apna Desh Aisa Hai , Apna Desh Waisa Hai… Really Need to change Our mindsets.

4. Indians are obsessed with Screenguards…..


Indians are Obsessed with screenguards on our mobile phones .. even though most of the mobile phones now coming with gorilla glass , yeah we keep changing our screenguards… and make it first priority..

5. Irony is when people kill their own ….


Irony is when people kill their own girl child in womb and seek out for girls on Kanya Puja … , Yeah we live in a nation when A girl child is killed in mother’s womb.. Why ? Only because she is a Girl ? Grow up Kiddos .. You Yourselves are born by a Lady…

6. We’d Rather spend more money …


We’d rather spend more money on our daughter’s wedding than on her education.. Why ? Because , Ladki.. Hai .. Iisko padha likha ke kya karna hai ! ..

7. We Teach our Daughter’s to …


We teach our daughters to dress properly rather than teaching our sons to behave properly.. This is really Shameful .. We are Such Independent Nation where A Girl is not Allowed to Wear what she wants..

8. Every Indian Aspires to Become …


Every Indian Aspires to become A Cricket when They are Small but End up Becoming Engineer.. Why ? Because .. Cricket .. mein Sirf Pehchaan walon Ko Mauka Milta hai Tum Jaise Ladke ko kaun lega waha ?…

9. A Black Cat Passing …


A Black cat passing through a cross road can stop hundreds of People what a signal on a main road has failed to do this.. !! Why? Because .. Poorane Jamane me Logon Ka Kehna Tha .. ki .. agar Hum kahin Jhaa rahe ho aur Kaali Billi Humare Rasta Kaate toh Ruk jaana chahiye … nahi toh Apshagun hota hai …

10. No Food to Offer to the Begger …


No food to offer to the beggar .. but has a lot to offer to God.. I’m not saying.. we should not offer Food to God but .. If we Give beggars outside temple what we prepared for god to offer … Believe Me God Will be happy. . He Doesn’t says .. Keep A Human Being Starving … and Offer Me …Food..

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