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10 Pictures Showing Why Videshi Culture Is Better Than Indian Culture


10 Pictures Showing Why Videshi Culture Is Better Than Indian Culture

We are very proud of our so called culture. But is our culture that good? Our culture is ancient and hasn’t changed since ages. I’ll show some negative sides of “Indian Culture” in this article. Those people who easily get offended by small things, are advised to stay away from my article. This post will show the faults of “Indian Culture” in various fields like – “Marriage”, “Child-Labour” etc. So the following pictures are here to take on the “Great Indian Culture”. But at the end, it will be upto you guys to decide whether it should be “Great Indian Culture” or “Great Indian Circus.”

1. Who Needs Vacuum-Cleaners When You Can Get A Maid For Only Rs.500/month. And You Can Physically Harass Her Too.


2. *Cough* – *Ekta Kapoor* – *Infinite – Episodes* – *Cough*


3.  Do I Need Anything To Say?


4. No 1 Girl ≠ 10 Boys But At Least Accept 1 Girl = 1 Boy And Give Them Some Freedom.


5. Child – Labour Is A Famous Part Of Our Culture.


6. Showing – Off.


7. This Is Just So Much True.


8. Come On, At Least The Tree’s Getting Some Water.


9. You Two Love Each-Other? Let Us Hang You.


10. Family To Girl – “You Breathed Without Our Permission?” Let Us Beat You.

Image Source – Doodlers

I know you guys will comment saying – “You only showed the negative sides.” In case you feel the same, then please feel free to share your views in comments section below.

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