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10 Points To Remember While Using a Public Washroom


10 Points To Remember While Using a Public Washroom

It sometimes can be a nightmare to use a public washroom. Many of you may have faced the issues around also. Last weekend while using a public washroom I saw something that freaked me out. Here are ten points that one must remember while using a public washroom.

1. Do not chat across booths

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It does not matters how much time you have been sitting there and getting bored but anything is better than tapping the adjacent booth and asking the guy how is the weather down there? “What’s up” across urinals is not advisable.

2. Shake it nice but only twice

Once your business is done just be gentle with the wiggle. Yeah please better stop wiggling and zip up completely before turning to touch the tap.

3. Public Loos are not meant for a jerky dance

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No matter how horny you become jerking around in a public washroom is never a good idea, even if you are told to do it a gun point. Better die than do such a thing!

4. Don’t shake hands after firing your rocket

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How much ever old and close your buddy whom you have not met for decades is and you are super excited to meet but it is never advisable to greet by shaking hands before washing them after you have used the loo.

5. Adhere to the ‘Urinal Protocol Vulnerability’

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When you have a decision to choose where to do the loo make sure you have at least one urinal gap between you and the next person. When it is unavoidable naturally nothing can be done but when is avoidable why not be considerate?

6. Leave the toilet like you want it before you enter

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Do not soil the toilet seats. You do not need to be in contention for an Olympic Gold to be able to successfully aim in a rather big target. At least lift the toilet seat and not leave it soaking that the next guy in dire need cannot get to use it.

7. Stop following the other guy into the washroom just because you were chatting

If the person entered the washroom while chatting it is pretty much evident that he is not interested to talk to you. Wait outside for him to return. Also do not hang out after you have done your job. Better wait outside for your friend to return.

8. Do not touch the tap with the hand you used

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Guys it is gross to touch the tap with the hand you used for shaking after your job.

9. For God’s sake flush the toilet after use

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10. Stop playing candy crush in the loo

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Last but not least your candies can wait for a minute before they are crushed. You can crush them after doing your business.

Please take care of this 😛

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Guys do follow them and leave your views in comments below.

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