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10 Popular Myths About Animals That No One Would Believe


10 Popular Myths About Animals That No One Would Believe

Sometimes, it becomes hard to separate fact from fiction. With about 8.7 million animals existing on this earth, we are absurd some myths about animals that no one would believe.

1. Bats are not blind and they can see to some extend which is the obvious reason for them to have eyes.


2. There is a popular belief that cats cant see during night, but they can see upto one-sixth the light level required by a human sight.


3. Crocodiles are fast over short distances and probably very fast when they are on land.


4. You can’t simply compare dog years with human years; it all depends upon the breed of the animal.


5. Ostrich do not bury their heads in sand, but they eat sand which helps them to digest food.


6. It is believed that birds don’t consider their babies when handled by human, but the fact is birds have a terrible sense of smell.


7. It is often believed that two new earthworms will grow from one earthworm that is cut in half, but the fact is the half earthworm wont re-grow but it dies.


8. Owls are the dumbest birds and a crow is measured to be significantly smarter.


9. Camels don’t store water in their humps but their humps actually store fat.


10. It is believe that dogs can identify just white and black but the spectrum of dogs would range anything from dark blue to dark yellow.


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