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10 Products That You Probably Were Using Incorrectly

10 Products That You Probably Were Using Incorrectly RVCJ Media


10 Products That You Probably Were Using Incorrectly

Life becomes easier when you know how to make proper use of everything. Here are some tips on how to use the product properly.

1. Ketchup Server.

If you want to taste your ketchup better, then open up the container like this to get more of it.

pic 1
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2. Chinese Food Plate.

Chinese containers are good for eating foods. But if you unfold them, they will become good plates.

Pic 2
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3. Tic Tac Serving.

You have been eating your tic tacs by taking them in your hands. But by using the tab, you can serve them one by one.

Pic 3
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4. Spoon Hole.

The hole in the edge of your pan is here to hang up the spoon.

Pic 4
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5. Straw Holder.

If you drink in cans, then you must know this. The pops are very effective as straw holders.

Pic 5
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6. Looping Extension Cords.

If your extension cords are disconnecting regularly, then loop them in this way. This will stop the problem.

Pic 7
Image Source

7. Toilet Seat Covers.

You probably put the toilet seat cover with the downward flap facing the back part of the seat but instead if you turn it to be on the forward side, it won’t slip off.

Pic 7
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8. Greek Yogurt Duo.

These Greek yogurts with toppings are actually meant to be folded over.

Pic 8
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9. Lid/Coaster.

If you want to fix your fast food cup with a coaster, this lid will work good.

Pic 9
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10. Tin Foil.

Use these tabs on the sides to prevent your foil to come out of the box.

Pic 10
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