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10 Questions Every Person Keeping Roza Is Fed Up Of Hearing


10 Questions Every Person Keeping Roza Is Fed Up Of Hearing

From the time Ramzan started, I have been asking one of my Muslim colleagues endless number of questions. The foodie that she is and now keeping the fast, we are amazed at her will power.

So, whenever we eat something and genuinely (mistakenly) offer her, she denies it. Like seriously, for us it is the most difficult fast, Not even a pinch of water. I am sure, like my friend , there must me many Muslims who are equally fed up on answering our lame question. But SORRY, we are just inquisitive, like how is it possible to survive without eating anything throughout the day.

Here is those list of Question I asked, and never got a reply of. Except that “Stop Irritating Me Look”

1. You don’t drink Water, but what about juice or Green tea?

This is what’s running in their mind.


Image Source

2. So after the fast breaks, you all jump into the food and eat all the night long?


Image Source

3. Do you eat Biryani & Kebabs everyday?


Image Source

4. So, have you bought the goat, and when will you cut it?


Image Source

5. Can’t you fast at night? And be normal at day?

And, they go like this.


Image Source

6. So, Can I also observe Roza and lose weight?


Image Source

7. Don’t you feel hungry?


Image Source

8. Why can’t you have “Upwaas” wala Khana?


Image Source

9. Do all of you sit together & wear “topi” & “Burqa” and then eat?


Image Source

10. Will you please invite me for your Iftar & Eid celebration?


Image Source

Undoubtedly, we all love the Halim, Biryani, Kebabs, Fries, Mutton….OK Fine etc etc preparation.
Just can’t wait till Eid. Going back to irritate my friend.

To all the reader – Happy Ramzan – 11 days to go.

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