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10 Reactions Guys With Long Hair Get


10 Reactions Guys With Long Hair Get

Life is monotonous, you want some change. The lazy you wants to do something adventurous and cool without having to get up. So what fits in is ‘Lets change the look’! You have seen the dudes and the drummers which makes you think “Even I can be the cool one”. And just when you think you have reached the swag limit, these are some of the reactions you get from the everyday people in your life!

1. Your mom will be like “Beta haath se gaya”

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You may try your best to convince her that its cool but she will start having sleepless nights.

2. Your dad will be like “Jo karna hai kar lo, abhi time hai”

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“Kyun? Marne wala toh nahi hu…(weird)”

3. The neighbouring aunties will be like “Beta tumhare life mein sab thik toh hai?”

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“Apne aap ko dekho aunty… Meri life apse toh better hi chalti hai!” (uuurrggghhh)

4. The ‘chill’ones will be like “Dude, which band?”

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And suddenly you feel like the new ‘Bad Boy’ in town!

5. Your friends will be like “Swag hai!”

giphy (1)
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So now you know what Cloud 9 feels like!

6. Your roommates will be like “Why is everybody staring at you? Aj nahaya hai kya?”

giphy (2)
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They are so used to… well… you!

7. Your girlfriend will be like “Please get a decent look so that we can look good in our FB pics”

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Thats when you know the parachute was a knapsack… oops!

8. Your girl friends will be like “Maintain kaise karega… Dandruff hojayegi”

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And now your male ego speaks for you..”I’m not gay…so please dont discuss these girly stuff!”

9. Your colleagues will be like “Apne aap ko bada dude samjhta hai…Iski toh aaj bajegi kasam se!”

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And its the rise of self-dignity-“Looks se kuch nhi hota..Kaam toh main hi krta hu”

10. And yo will go “Leave me ALLLOOOOOOONNNNEEEEEEE!”

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People have you heard of something like “Live and Let Live”!

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