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10 Reasons Why Your Brother Will Always Be Your Best Friend

10 Reasons Why Your Brother Will Always Be Your Best Friend RVCJ Media


10 Reasons Why Your Brother Will Always Be Your Best Friend

Most of us have brothers who are indeed our best friends and be with us for the whole life; with whom we share every small and major things, fight, play, eat, sleep, enjoy and lots more. Below I have discussed some good reasons depicting why our brother will always be our best friend…

1. He is the supreme solution of all your problems.

Whenever you are stuck in a difficult situation, you will always find him standing beside and encouraging you, proposing the easiest way out of the trouble or at least giving moral support.


2. A discreet friend

Without a fear, you share just anything and everything with him because you know that even the most secretive talks are not to be disclosed by him. Though little naughty, he can best keep your secrets.


3. He is your armor.

No doubt, brothers are known to be the best safeguards in our country and protect you from being victim to any evil deed or vicious gaze.


4. He perfectly complements you.

You don’t feel the need of anyone else when he is with you; in short, you find yourself complete in his company.


5. Co-operative and caring

Your brother helps you get in touch with your girlfriend or boyfriend if he thinks that they are genuine and will not cause you any harm.


6. Meals don’t taste delicious without him after you guys have a fight

No matter how hard and for how long you both have a fight or the reason is a big or petty one, you are unable to swallow a morsel of your meal without making it up with him.


7. The best comedian for you

Your brother never lets you cry and if you do, he leaves no stone unturned in making you smile or burst into laughter whatever he needs to do for this.


8. Your information bank

He knows every ins and outs of your life, as you trust him and discuss all the things. Thus, he is, in a way your information bank who will never give any detail about you to others.


9. He is your ATM… lol

Unquestionably, your elder or even younger brother is always there when you need money… so he serves as your ATM (ALL TIME MONEY).

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10. Your personal advisor

When you need an advice on any matter, your brother is always here, offering the best possible support and suggestion, guiding you in every field of life.



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