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10 Reasons Why You Can Fall In Love With Your Best Friend


10 Reasons Why You Can Fall In Love With Your Best Friend

Having a ‘Boy Best Friend’ is probably the most exciting thing in a girl’s world, but seeing that relationship turn into something much more beautiful, is even more exciting. Here’s how you can get to know why you should definitely take the plunge….. and FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND !!!


  • They already love you –

This saves a lot of time for impressing and getting someone to fall for you.


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  • They know you –

    Just as you are… there’s no pretence, no doubts or complaints. It’s the ‘perfect thing’.



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  • Secret Closet –

    They are already aware of all your little secrets and stories, and are even part of them. There’s almost nothing to hide!


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  •  Family Time –

    Both of you are already well acquainted with each other’s families and siblings. There’s little space for sudden shocks and disapprovals, because they already love you too (even if they never admit it).




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  • Getting Cosy –

    Both of you are already comfortable around each other, emotionally, as well as physically. And once you get over the fresh weirdness of you new found love, everything falls into place.



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  • They will understand you –

    Not just because they are your boyfriend/girlfriend, but they will understand you like a friend… and THAT will never change.


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  • The little things –

    Knowing almost every tiny detail about the one you love, is a very special experience…and rare too. Being with your Best Friend, will guarantee it.



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  • You’ll never have to say –

    Sorry, Thanks, You’re welcome… I love You, words won’t matter. You could literally read each other’s mind.


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  • Know – It – All –

    All your favourites… movies, actors, music, even your favourite ice-cream flavour. You’ll never have to make them guess. They’ll know it all.


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  • Story Worth Telling –

    Your life will not always be happy and beautiful, but both of you will be able to tackle it together, because you’ll have the strength of two really strong relations… and that will be worth it.


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