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10 Reasons Why Cricket Is Religion In India

10 Reasons Why Cricket Is Religion In India RVCJ Media


10 Reasons Why Cricket Is Religion In India

The game of Cricket is highly popular in most parts of the globe. In India, however, it is head and shoulders above just being popular. While some people tend to splinter the nation in the name of religion, Cricket, arguably, is the single-most force entwining and unifying the Indians in the most phenomenal way. What this game means can simply be gauged by looking at the religion-like status it enjoys across the country. If you are wondering hard what makes the game so special to be equated to religion, here’s why to put you out of your misery 

1. Cricketers are no less than Gods

Few cricketers are simply being idol-worshipped. Their feats and achievements send waves of relief and joy to wash us over.


2. Rallies are taken out

Cricket shoots everyone in a frenzy. People, marked with unrestrained emotions, take to the roads and carry out rallies to celebrate India’s victory.


3. ….And bashes are thrown

Team India’s victory makes even the biggest penny pinchers a bit too-generous. You name it and they’ll make sure you have it. Just wait for the right time.


4. Gets people lamenting

In comes a loss for the team and that’s more than enough to drop one’s spirits real down. More so, when the team loses to Pakistan. We go days without even smiling as we continue to live in the nightmare.


5. Breaks through all faiths

People from all religions are equally crazy about Cricket. It doesn’t matter what your religion is for as long as you are an Indian, you ought to be cricket-smitten.


6. Great leveler

Poor or rich, educated or illiterate; all enjoy a level playing field in Cricket. Show your worth on the ground and get your hall pass to popularity.


7. Pocket-friendly

A bat, a ball and a few sticks is all you need to get started. Bring it on!


8. Plain and simple rules

Simple things always receive an epic reception. And, so has Cricket with its easy to remember rules. Well, even a dog fits the bill.


9. …And these rules can be custom-made

Your off-side is blocked by parked cars. No problem. Usher in a rule – Anybody hitting the ball through the off-side would be declared out.


10. Your workplace or mini stadium?

India into the semi-finals and the protocols of your office go for a toss. You and your boss sitting next to each other and rooting for something common. Can’t get better. Can it?


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