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10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Sucks!

10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Sucks! RVCJ Media


10 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationship Sucks!

So you are in a relationship and your partner has to move to another city or country or planet. Or, you fell in love with someone not in the same city as you are in. Welcome to the world of missing, and a lot of missing. As much as lovely it is to be in a relationship, long distance relationships are sucky. Lets just accept it. Here are ten reasons why LDRs are mostly cringed upon.

When your life’s theme song is Hey There, Delilah!

 1. The Incessant Missing

missing 2

There is no cure to this -_- You’ll always miss your partner no matter how much time you guys spend on Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp. When you’re really really wanting to hold them, screen just doesn’t cut it.

 2. Time Zones Are Mean

timezonesSay hello to being sleep deprived all the time! If your partner is in another time zone, both of you have to make adjustments to sleep patterns to talk to each other and stay in touch. Ugh.

 3. You are in love with your Gadgets

Teenage Girl Using Laptop And Mobile Phone Whilst Eating Breakfast

Pretty much. You’re always texting, SnapChatting yadayadayada. Your laptop, your phone, your web camera, your internet connection. Oh and your partner.

 4. Dates Don’t Happen


Unless you’re the kind that is okay with having virtual dates – watching the same movie on respective laptops and sharing comments via texting, or being on phone while the movie runs. So eh, if multitasking is your thing.

 5. Being Alone at Parties

Because your +1 is hundreds of miles away. Even if you go with your friends, sight of one couple holding hands is enough to trigger the waterworks. Ouch.

 6. The Waiting


For them to come online, to see the screenshot you sent. The only waiting that’s beautiful is when you wait for them at the airport, to receive them :’) Other forms of waiting are pure torture.

 7. Trust Issues


Your relationship becomes a pot of fights, resentments and more if you guys have trust issues. Every new like on a new selfie triggers the Sherlock Holmes in you. If there’s anything worse than a long distance relationship, its trust issues in the long distance relationship.

 8. Loneliness at Times of Need


Sometimes all you need is a hug, but no. Skype doesn’t let them touch you. You’ve to hug yourself to sleep, which is pretty sad if you are in a relationship. No amount of baby talk can away the misery.

 9. Boredom


There is only so much to talk about if you both aren’t connected to your surroundings – sitcoms, movies, friends and family related talks tend to fade away and next thing you know, you have nothing to talk about. Boredom creeps in and sparks are lost. Should we elaborate?

 10. Feeling Detached


After every fight, every argument and god forbid the breakup, you don’t really feel the emotions anymore. You don’t feel like you know your partner, you feel so-not-connected. Even your breakup doesn’t hurt you as much as one should.

So tell us, long distance relationships really, really suck. Don’t they?

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