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10 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your College Love!!!

10 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your College Love!!! RVCJ Media


10 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your College Love!!!

1. No unknown shocks after marriage

You already know them so instead of diving into the unknown space and getting shocked , better marry you college love and enjoy the known start of a new life.


2. Already know their basic nature

You know each other for at least 3-4 years of your graduation so their reaction over many things is known to you. You won’t need time to understand each other after marriage.


3. Known ‘saasu maa’ is better than any unknown danger 😉

In our Indian culture nothing is considered more dangerous than a mother-in-law. You already know them as your aunty (friend’s mother) so danger is reduced to some level for you.


4. No sister-in-law issues

During college, you have met their siblings and are already friends with them before becoming a part of their family. So, no nanand issues and saali will be more than adhi gharwali now 


5. Already have a best friend in your partner

As they say, friends are the most easiest relations to handle , and congratulations, you already have a best friend in your life partner.


6. Less conflicts as you have grown up together

College days are the ones when we actually grow up. Since you have spent those days together so your maturity level will be almost similar. Chances of having lesser conflicts.


7. Better honeymoon planning

Planning for you dream honeymoon destination starts right from the college days and above it, both of you share the same dream destination now.


8. Common likes/dislikes

You have spent considerable time together so by the time you get married, you ought to have some common likes and dislikes. For example : both of you now like that dark chocolate icecream.


9. Common friend circle to hang out with

As you did your graduation together, you will have a common friend circle. Both of you can hangout together with them without being worried that your partner will get bored with them.


10. A lot of stories to narrate to your children

You will have so many stories about your college time blooming love to tell to your children. They will also cherish your memories.

mother and two sons reading book in bed

If you like any girl in your college then do tag her or share this link with her. She might say yes after reading these things. Feel free to add if we missed anything.

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